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The Fearless Chase is the business education and community-focused membership platform you never knew you always needed. Jk, you did. You just didn’t know it existed. Grab a snack and stay awhile -- it only gets better.

Helping modern women build the business and life of their dreams

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Hey, friend! Welcome to The Fearless Chase, where we help modern women build the business and life of their dreams


Can we get deep? Is it too soon? I think we can get deep.

So, if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on about you, it’s that you want to graduate from the awkward middle stage of business building to waking up every day feeling like a “real” freaking business owner. Am I pretty close?

(And, you totally can.)

I believe you’re only 3 main ingredients away from thriving in business and life as the version of yourself you dream of:

01. a group of online friends who see, know, and support you

02. a dedicated community that will remind you to take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow

03. business mentors to help you get the next level you’ve been striving for

The problem is, you’re a bit overwhelmed from trying to make this whole online business and friendship thing happen on your own.

Aka, you’ve bought all the courses but struggle to complete them, and you’ve dipped your toe in the “she looks cool, let me DM her” pool but got ghosted. Sound familiar?

Listen, I remember what it was like my first year as a business owner. I ended most of my days wondering why I left the security of my 9 to 5 and, like clockwork, would scroll myself into a black hole of comparison on Instagram.

Because I was doing business alone, I would overanalyze even the smallest decisions, and I yearned for someone to validate what I was doing. I wanted feedback and support. Not just the “cheerleading” kind, but someone who was down to identify blind spots as well as opportunities.

So, I decided to live by the cheesy quote “be it till you see it’, and put myself out there. Oddly enough, the more I began to make friends who were a step or two ahead of me, the more steps I took towards growing my business and the more confident I became!

I even threw an IRL (pre-covid) conference and got to see my new online community in real life!

And that’s exactly why The Fearless Chase Academy exists, so women like you can avoid getting stuck in the awkward middle stage of business building and get connected to the top experts and community they need to go from overwhelmed to confident CEOs.⁠

The best part? Joining is simple, just choose your payment option, get instant access to TFCA and all your resources, and build the business of your dreams -- not someone else’s.

I can’t wait to have you inside!

Enneagram: Textbook 7w6 comin’ atcha

Favorite shows: Parks & Rec, The Office, Schitt’s Creek, Ted Lasso, Handmaid's Tale, and The Mindy Project 

If I were a tv character: 12/10 David Rose and Leslie Knope combined

Favorite foods: I will go for Thai or Tex-Mex 8 days out of the week

Relationship status: I married the boy who asked me to be his girlfriend when I was 14, and it’s still going really well.

Greatest passion: Making friends and helping women build the business of their dreams, not someone else’s.

Go-to coffee order: Iced Vanilla Oat Milk Cappuccino with Extra Foam, you can call it ‘The Mads’

Favorite brands: Opal House + Aerie

Just here for the facts?
I feel that.

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✓ Monthly main expert trainings (worth thousands $$$$)
✓ Monthly live Q&A with the main expert
✓ Monthly bonus expert training
✓ Community events like co-working hour, mastermind hour, trivia nights, happy hour, and more!
✓ Access to an engaged, private FB group community
✓ Exclusive student discounts 


The one-of-a-kind membership that connects creatives in the awkward middle stage of business with top experts and the community they need to thrive online.


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Looking for tangible tools to motivate and encourage you to step into who you were made to be? TFC is a personal development podcast created to inspire women creatives and entrepreneurs by sharing inspiring stories, relatable content, and the tips they need to thrive in business and life.

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Looking for a community of friends who are equally as hyped to share their new go-to Starbucks order as they are to dish out their most successfully marketing strategies? This group is filled with gals ready to build relationships with those who just get it. All that’s waiting is for you make an intro!

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Yearning for the energy and inspiration that comes from sipping mimosas and sharing ideas with like-minded women in the thick of business? The Fearless Chase Events is an opportunity for you to learn, grow, and connect IRL with the women in this community from a luxury, destination location!

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