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The one-stop-shop, membership-style education platform that connects creatives in the awkward middle stage of business with the top experts and community they need to  go from overwhelmed business owner to confident CEO. Pass the popcorn, it's about to get good!



I've *totally* been there...

Ending yet another work day at 8:30pm on the couch with a *more than full* glass of rosé, quickly falling down the comparison spiral scrolling Instagram.

A combination of my college friends who are steadily working their way up the corporate ladder at their adult jobs and the people I look up to in business celebrating six figure launches fill my feed.

Throwing my phone across the floor and think to myself, “Would my 18-year-old self be proud of what I’m doing with my life?”

Maybe you can relate?

Here's  where most people begin to wonder why they left the security of 9-5 and dust off their resumes ready to throw in the towel.

However, you're not most people.

you're just in the awkward growth stage.

Remember that time after you graduated high school and decided to go for the chop.That edgy bob that said “I’m an adult now. And then you cried after a week because you couldn’t fit it into a ponytail anymore and you had to let it grow out.

That awkward middle stage of going from fresh cut (taking the leap and starting your freelance business) and long beautiful locks (crushing it as CEO of a full-blown company) is where you currently are and it’s the most crucial part of your business journey. 

This is the part where most people give up because it’s taking too long, it's too hard and it's too lonely.

Trying to figure out all the things you need to know and how to do them to successfully scale your business is... a LOT. 

Instead of slowly trekking your way through this awkward middle stage alone (or worse, giving up!)

What if you could have the people who are at the stage of business you are trying to get to turn around and show you easy to implement steps on how to bring you up to their level?


Go from overwhelmed, lonely business owner to thriving CEO with a close circle of biz besties to help you get there!  

The fearless chase

Your community obsessed, "gal who knows everyone,"  biz bestie wing woman!


Wish you had a best friend to give you the names of the right people to trust instead of trying to figure it all out on your own?

Welcome to the party - prepare to be connected to top experts to scale your business in a sustainable way with a group of biz besties by your side, because we want to have fun along the way!

Say no more, I'm in

meet your online community cruise director 

"Joining TFCA is the best choice I made for my business this year. 2020 was a perfect storm of new opportunity + growth, but also came with confusion and overwhelm at times. I'm grateful for the community, resources + trainings that TFCA has brought into my life these past few months."

Abbi Rew, Content Mentor




Winter 2021 semester

Business Finance and Expanding Streams of Income Through Brand Partnership

Legal for Business Owners and Leadership 101

Productivity and Efficiency as the CEO and Gaining Brand Visibility 

Your class schedule

January 2021

instructor: Raya Reaves

How to Create a Business Budget That Aligns with Your Goals

Raya Reaves will be teaching you the most important things you need to know to create a budget and revenue allocation method that works best for your business.

Bonus instructor: kahlea nicole

How to Get Started (or Re-Started) with Brand Partnerships the Right Way

You already know that other influencers are getting paid to work with their favorite brands because you’re constantly eyeing their page and seeing what they’re promoting. What’s tripping you up though is you have no idea how to make that a reality for you too. Or maybe you've been trying and haven't yet seen the fruit of that labor. In this training we're going to cover 3 impactful and effective ways to get started (or re-started) with partnerships the right way. We're saying our goodbyes to infomercial feeds and welcoming in a new era of aligned collaborations that feel good and pay well.

February 2021

instructor: taylor tieman

Legal 101 for Business Owners

Business owners - get your "legal stuff" in check! Learn about the three most important foundational areas to legally secure in your business: entity protection, intellectual property, & contracts.

Bonus instructor: tianna tye

Leadership Mindset

In this training you will learn how to set the foundations you need to effectively lead the team of your goals. From determining the company culture you hope for to breaking down the leadership paradigm, Tianna will teach you step by step to create the mindset required for a CEO.

March 2021

instructor: Grace Blacksea

Design Your Day, The CEO Way 

Take back your time, step into your leadership, and uncover your time you never knew you had.
-Core Values (defining WHO you are as a CEO/boundary setting + protecting your time)
-Defining your Business Buckets (defining WHAT the main arteries of the business)
-Block/Batch working (defining HOW to maximize your schedule without burning out)

Bonus instructor: madison tinder

Gaining brand visibility

Madison will do a deep dive on how to increase your product awareness and brand awareness through certain visibility tactics that help you gain authority.

special event expert: Kira Jones

Guided Meditation with Kira Jones

As entrepreneurs in today's climate, it can feel so difficult to find (and prioritize) the time to take a moment to ourselves to meditate- especially if that involves "silencing the mind", a seemingly impossible task. But this 20-minute visualization practice is quite different... Rather than quieting or stopping your thoughts, you'll be asked to let them run wild as you embark on a guided journey of watching your "future self" achieve her wildest dreams. This style of meditation not only allows you to dream even bigger, but it also begins rewiring your brain to believe in your fullest potential & to release any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from getting there today. 

Business Finance and Expanding Streams of Income Through Brand Partnership

Productivity and Efficiency as the CEO and Gaining Brand Visibility 

Legal for Business Owners and Leadership 101


Creating Your Mental Health Toolkit with Cafe with monica

"The Fearless Chase Academy was one of my best investments this year for my business. I was able to learn such valuable information from experts I truly admire and take on new roles that I need as CEO within my business. So grateful not only for the teachings in the TFCA but also the incredible community!"

Kristi Da Silva, Systems Strategist

the goods

-New Trainings with Easy to Implement Action Steps You Can Watch in Less Than 2 Hours a Month
-Live Q+A's with Fearless Chase Academy Experts
-Student Exclusive Facebook Group
-Fun Events + Student Exclusive Hangouts
-Student Exclusive Discounts on products and services with our FC trusted brands and experts

Ready to finally do business the way you've always wanted to with someone to guide you, a group to lean on, and a whole lot of fun along the way?

Each Month You'll Receive

I want in on this!

"I loved being part of Fearless Chase Academy because it was manageable and worked with my busy schedule. 2020 was the year of wearing a million hats, especially for parents, so the fact that I could consume the content as needed without feeling like I was behind missing all kinds of things was really refreshing! Madison is the queen of building a community while also focusing on action, so this membership is the perfect mix for someone looking for jam packed trainings with a gang of besties!"

Allison Carter of Allison Carter Celebrates

The Fearless Chase Academy is THE place to be if you want to...

While we're going to be making some serious strides in your business, we want to do it in a way that's sustainable so you can show up for the other areas of your life that matter most too.

Scale in a sustainable way

Learn the foundations of what it takes to be a Ceo

We know you're wearing a million hats and don't have time for hours on hours of trainings to watch and implement. We'll tackle one topic at a time together in short and implementable trainings.

Connect with a  community of like-minded women who want friendship, support, and referrals just as much as you do!

build your

It's not for you if you want to keep...


-Feeling like you're the only one who can't figure out the business side of your business
-Wasting time, running in circles, and ending your day wondering what you even accomplished
-Getting overlooked instead of being known as the go-to expert
-Hoping and praying for clarity to come but still feeling completely stuck
-Leaving money on the table 
-Missing out on additional income streams
-Feeling stuck on knowing how to sort out the legal side of your business
-Missing out on hitting your profit goals


Student Discounts

20% OFF Services with Raya Reaves
$30 OFF a Session with Monica Denais
50% OFF Soulful Social Courses
10% OFF Soulful Scrunchies
1 Month FREE of Cacti Wellness
10% OFF Legal Services with Taylor Tieman

Everyone knows you don't keep a good sale from your best friend!

As a TFCA Student You'll Get Insiders Savings

I want in on this!

"Madison and TFC is one of the most nurturing and inclusive communities out there! I love how Madison leads her community with the utmost authenticity."

Hannah Nieves, PR & Marketing Consultant

I'm Ready to take action

ONLY $57 a month

Ready to take Easy-to-implement steps towards your big impact dreams over chips + guac and all the girl talk?

"These days it’s easy for groups to feel disingenuous and transactional, but Madison has beat the odds by building true COMMUNITY. This is the space to be if you want to build honest connections with fantastic people."

Tianna Tye, I/O Psychologist and Leadership Coach

Meet Your instructors

You didn't think we'd have class without some badass experts, did ya?

Raya Reaves

Raya Reaves is the Founder and Finance Coach of City Girl Savings, LLC. Raya launched City Girl Savings in 2015 as a resource for women from all walks of life to learn about personal finance and money management. Raya teaches women how to create and stick to realistic budget plans to reach their financial goals.

Kahlea Nicole

 About a year into her blogging journey, Kahlea was introduced to the idea of brand partnerships but influencers she would reach out to for advice made it seem like working with brands was this super exclusive industry "secret." Unfazed, she began to test out different pitching strategies on her own which resulted in her landing over 100+ brand deals in the last 5 years. During that time, she's worked with companies like Coach, Express, Not Your Mother's, Conair, and more. These opportunities allowed her to graduate college with a Bachelors in Marketing and transition into a full-time social media influencer. Simultaneously, she became an Influencer Coach so others could learn and implement the same strategies that worked for her. With more influencers entering the marketplace each day, getting noticed by brands and landing partnership deals becomes more difficult. That’s why Kahlea provides coaching for micro + macro-influencers so they can easily monetize their influence and grow their business.

Monica Denais

Monica Denais is a Latinx Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor in Dallas, Texas.  Monica helps women entrepreneurs  live their best lives so they can stop questioning their confidence in life and business. In her counseling practice, Monica works with women entrepreneurs, young professionals, and the Latinx population who struggle with anxiety, burnout, codependency, entrepreneurial stress, perfectionism, life transitions, and self-esteem issues. Monica is also the host of the Cafe with Monica podcast, where she helps millennial listeners by educating, sharing tools, and interviewing inspiring and resilient millennials to help others overcome their everyday issues all while chatting it up with a cup of coffee.  

Taylor Tieman

Taylor M. Tieman, Esq. is an attorney and founder of Legalmiga®, an accessible legal services membership created specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs, She assists and advises her clients on how to legally protect their brands, services, products & content through the effective use of preventative measures and legal strategy. Taylor operates a virtual law firm based out of Los Angeles, California and specializes in trademarks, contracts, copyright, podcasts, and business formation.

Taylor also is the founder of The Legalmiga Library™, a one-stop legal shop with all the legal resources an entrepreneur will need to build a successful, thriving business–– while minimizing the legal risks.

Tianna Tye

Tianna Tye is the founder of The Leaders’ Circle, and the premier Team Dynamics Consultant for entrepreneurs committed to building and leading teams that transform their #bizgoals into reality. 

The Leaders’ Circle is a brainy, driven and supportive educational platform dedicated to leveraging human psych + data-backed strategies to help you lead your team better than your last boss. 

As a trained Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Tianna’s expertise in hiring, team dynamics, and transformational leadership make her a CEO’s secret weapon for managing all things on the “people” side of the business. 

Ready to build the team that elevates your company to 6 & 7 figures? Tianna’s got you covered.

Grace blacksea

Grace Blacksea is a time strategist, business mentor, and speaker. She helps female entrepreneurs uplevel their strategy, systems, and mindset so they can generate more impact and income by leveraging their most valuable asset, their time. Through her mentorship + mastermind programs she teaches women how to banish burnout, scale smarter not harder, and truly step into the role of CEO. 

In her work as CEO of Quench Collective, Grace hosts hundreds of women each month at her weekly, virtual meetup, Fill Up Your Cup. Quench is home to passionate female entrepreneurs + leaders who seek alignment in the head work + heart work of entrepreneurship.

Madison Tinder

Madison is the owner of Madison Tinder LLC and Soulful Social Brands LLC. She started her business as a social media manager after not being able to find a job in the sports industry. She had dreams of growing an agency but quickly changed her mind as she entered the online space and fell in love with education. She started as a consultant online and in person and took all her efforts online to transition into a coach. Now she's a strategist, mentor and coach to entrepreneurs who want to grow their online business. She has dipped her toes into a new endeavor... e-commerce. She started her scrunchie business Soulful Scrunchies in October 2020 and is having a blast running two empires. 

Kira Jones

Kira Jones is the CEO and founder of Cacti Wellness. Cacti provides unlimited access to virtual workouts, guided meditations, and productivity workshops, and they keep all content under 20-minutes to help their members efficiently & effectively achieve their goals. 

"I love being a part of a group of women who are in a similar career stage as me. TFCA has been instrumental in giving me the tools to feel confident in my own ability and dreams.  Madison has genuinely listened to my feedback and how I need help, and ensured that each semester of the TFCA actually caters to each of our needs. She makes an effort to make each of us feel seen — either with digital coffee dates or happy mail — and that I genuinely feel like I’ve gained a biz bestie in her."

Tess Cagle, Photographer

Heck yes, I want in

yeP! I love you and want you to reclaim this year for yourself!

 ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $57 a month? 


"The Fearless Chase Community has become a place of genuine support and encouragement for a diverse group of female entrepreneurs. It's a place where you can enjoy a lighthearted laugh and also raise your hand to ask for help, support, advice and more. It's all about making space at the table for every new woman that arrives and lifting each other up when we need it."

Angel Hepp, Host of The Sister Joist

Feel more present in your life knowing your systems in your business are set up to reach your goals?

Add additional sources of income?

Be known as THE go-to expert in your field?

Have your legal on lockdown?

Have the foundations set to successfully lead the team of your dreams?

Create a schedule that best fit you and your goals?

Replace your overwhelmed business owner sash with a confident CEO one?

Start getting seen by the right people?

Actually grow your profit and know where your money should go?

Have the mental health tools to help you feel grounded as you are running a business?

Have clarity on what to do next in your business?

Have a community of women to lean on to help you step-by-step?

what if you could...

"The Fearless Chase Community is a group of incredible female entrepreneurs who support each other and celebrate with each other! Madison is a fun and cheerful leader who makes connection a priority. You will be seen and heard in this community!"

Lindsey Keith, CEO of Innoverse Marketing

frequently asked questions

Will this academy work for my niche?

Will this academy work for my niche?

YEP! If your business or brand is focused on your client / customer / consumer, then it’s exactly what you need. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Can I cancel at anytime?

You are able to cancel with a 30 day notice, however you will not be allowed to re-join until the doors open again.

What happens after I purchase?

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be emailed access to your online dashboard. This beauty includes all the materials you'll need to get started with your first training.

Will I need to resign up when the doors open again?

Will I need to resign up when the doors open again?

If you haven't cancelled your membership, your membership will continue running month over month.

How long do I have access to the recordings?

How long do I have access to the recordings?

You will have access to the trainings for as long as it exists and you are an active member of The Fearless Chase Academy. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 1 month's notice beforehand.

Will I have access to the experts?

Will I have access to the experts?

You will have a live Q+A zoom group call with each of our main instructors Raya Reaves, Taylor Tieman, and Grace Blacksea.

What if I can't attend the Q+A live?

What if I can't attend the Q+A live?

While we would LOVE to see your gorgeous face live, we totally understand if you can't make it live. No worries! The Q+A's will be recorded and uploaded to your dashboard to watch later.


I want to see you leave here as a doer.

Friend, you came here as a dreamer.

and the best way to do what you do best is to know who you're sharing it with