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How to Move Past the Fear of Selling with Michelle Hagen The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Remember when you came up with that amazing idea for the product or service you wanted to offer and how exciting it all was at first? The idea of getting to build a brand around it, choose the perfect audience to serve with it, and even thinking about how this could not only propel your business but help others along the way all sounded like so much fun. In fact maybe you even had some coffee dates with some of your friends to dream up with this could look like.

How to Move Past the Fear of Selling

But now the time has come to actually put it out there in the world and sell what you have to offer and suddenly this feels like a giant mistake. Trust me, we’ve all been there. The idea of selling can be scary but in today’s episode sales and marketing expert Michelle Hagen is here to share her best tips and tricks for how to move past the fear of selling so that you can serve the people you dream of helping and pay your bills-because let’s be real, that’s a priority too!

In this episode we’re digging into what the top fears are surrounding selling and ultimately how to push past them to reach the dreams you set out for in the first place.

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