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The Secret to Becoming a Great Public Speaker with Jessica Journeay The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Throughout my journey of chasing my dreams I’ve often tried to find the secret to becoming a great public speaker. I’ve always loved the stage. Whether it was dancing, singing, speaking, anything that could get me up there-I wanted in.

Since sharing publicly some of my biggest dreams of speaking and hosting my own events one day, I’ve received several messages and texts from others who also wanted to know the secret.

Jessica Is Pulling Back the Curtain to Share The Secret To Becoming a Great Public Speaker

In this episode of The Fearless Chase, I’m interviewing Jessica Journaey, a communication expert and professor who teaches public speaking and communication theory at various colleges. She has a passion for helping others communicate competently and clearly in order to make the most impact in their lives, businesses, and relationships.

In preparing for my first speech at a large conference, Jessica coached me through it from beginning to end. We dig into what that process looked like and how we worked together as a team to help get me to where I needed to be.

After hearing her share with me the secret to becoming a great public speaker, I begged her to come on the show to teach you the same wisdom and knowledge she shared with me.

Where You Can Find Jessica Journeay:


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